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The Sensible Land Use Coalition is a community of land planning, development and regulatory professionals from the public and private sectors.

SLUC brings people together as a unique community of the most diverse group of land use professionals and government officials in the region.

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Upcoming Programs

    • 27 Sep 2023
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Brookview Golden Valley

    If you need a vegetarian option please email

    Registrations can be transferred. Cancellations with a refund would need to be made by September 22nd 2023. Email 

Past events

28 Jun 2023 One Development Plan - Three Cities - Three Tales. What Will be the Story?
24 May 2023 Bogged Down by Wetlands? How to Stay Afloat in a Muddy Process.
26 Apr 2023 Single Family Rentals: The Talk of the Town
22 Mar 2023 Comprehensive Plans: Fact or Fiction?
9 Jan 2023 2023 Housing Market Update and Forecast with David Arbit
26 Oct 2022 40th Anniversary Celebration
28 Sep 2022 Zoning and Groaning - Therapy for Developers and Cities
22 Jun 2022 The World Ahead - An Evolving Society Shaping Our Urban Environments
25 May 2022 Planned Unit Developments: Industry Perspectives on the Pros and Cons
27 Apr 2022 The Next Legal Challenges
23 Mar 2022 Tools for Uniting the Private and Public Sectors of Land Development
23 Feb 2022 Planning The Inclusive City in Minnesota
26 Jan 2022 2022 Market Update & Forecast with David Arbit
17 Nov 2021 To Be Announced
27 Oct 2021 Partnerships in Water Quality Improvement
22 Sep 2021 Bridging the Divide - Private and Public Sectors of Land Development
23 Jun 2021 Modular Housing and Innovation
26 May 2021 Affordable Housing Toolbox - When All You Have is a Hammer, Every Problem Looks Like a Nail
28 Apr 2021 Housing in a Pandemic & Beyond - Fact Vs. Fiction
31 Mar 2021 Discrimination, Diversity and Disparities in Housing
24 Feb 2021 Market Update with Danielle Leach
27 Jan 2021 Climate Change: Building resilience from both the public and private perspectives
28 Oct 2020 Hindsight is 2040 - Lessons From Comprehensive Planning
23 Sep 2020 Project Showcase - What is New in Single Family Housing in the Twin Cities?
24 Jun 2020 How the Fed is Responding to COVID-19 and What it Means for Housing
22 Apr 2020 POSTPONED Hindsight is 2040: Lessons from Comprehensive Planning
26 Feb 2020 Update on the Local Housing Market with Danielle Leach
22 Jan 2020 Sustainability and its Implications for Both the Private and Public Sectors

The Sensible Land Use Coalition is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization




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Excelsior, Mn 55331

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